April 2, 2012

Semana Santa...dun dun dunnnnn

Happy April!

Well, this week is Semana Santa - possibly the biggest evidence of the Great Apostasy that exists. Here in Spain they go crazy over it and there are huge processions all day, every day. Sevilla is the world capital of all Semana Santa mayhem so it should be an interesting week. If you've ever wondered where the KKK got their get-up from, just check out some pictures from any processions and it should become pretty clear.

You may be asking "what other crazy things to Spaniards do?" Well, let me tell you. Sometimes they like to do national strikes (Huelgas) to protest the government. We had one of those last Thursday. Luckily here in the pueblos nothing got too crazy but I've heard in the city things were a little more wild and up North things got really bad.

But, despite all the crazy things they do, somehow you can't help but love Spanish people.

Last week we went and saw some Roman ruins here called Itálica. One of the Roman Emperors was actually born and raised there! It was awesome - there is a huge colliseum and lots of really cool mosaic floors left over from the buildings they had there. Roman Ruins in Spain...who woulda thunk?

Really the best part of the week was General Conference. We went to the Sevilla stake center (have I ever mentioned how huge it is? Or that they put it in the middle of one of the biggest roads in Sevilla? It is awesome) to watch 4 of the sessions and watched the last one this morning in a locutorio. And all in English (yayy)! General conference is really an amazing opportunity to listen to Apostles and Prophets, called of God to lead His children on the Earth. I loved hearing all the promises made to us by them about families, overcoming trials, making our mistakes right, and coming unto Christ. I love the church and, moreso, the Gospel that is helps us live. I love the Spirit that teaches us and points to everlasting joy, peace, and happiness - gifts from God that do not expire but which stay with us no matter the circumstance or time. It is never, ever too late for us to desire, gain, or increase these blessings. Luke 15 is the perfect illustration of that.

Have a great week! I love you!

Elder Mockler

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