April 30, 2012

1 year?


I don't know if I mentioned it last week, but this week was the Sevilla Feria. Luckily things don't get crazy here in the pueblos but we sure did see lots of flamenco dresses getting on the buses to the city!

Well, this week was super busy. Time flew by WAY too fast! On Monday I went to Fuengirola again for District Leader training, which was excellent as always. Then on Thursday Elder Berrett went to Madrid to finish his residency so I did splits here with Elder Valenzuela who is serving in Jerez. And on Friday we had Specialized Training in Sevilla which was also a great chance to be with Preisdent and Hermana Clegg and learn how to be better missionaries. Aside from all that we have just been working super hard here in Aljarafe and we're starting to see a lot of success.

Sorry there aren't a lot of details this week! We have just been knocking a lot of doors, talking to a lot of people in the streets, and teaching prepared people the Gospel. As a mission we set over 70 baptismal dates this week which is easily a new mission record. I hit a year this week as well and it is funny how everything is pretty familiar to me but the work never gets old. There are always new people to lift, new things to learn, and new ways to improve. Being with Elder Berrett is really fun and just know that we're doing awesome!! The church is true and brings us happiness. When we truly seek to understand Gospel principles, it all fits together. We just need to be humble and patient with the Lord's timing and trust in his ability to give us the richest blessings possible. 

Love you!!!


The following photos are from the mission blog:  http://spainmalagamission.blogspot.com/

The first 3 photos are from district leader training the last is from
district training.

April 23, 2012

A week of new's


Well, first and foremost, I suppose I should introduce my new companion! His name is Elder Berrett and he is from Henderson, Nevada. He is a great guy. I think he was pretty shell-shocked our first couple of days together because he stayed pretty quiet but he has opened up now and we get along really well. It is really fun training him because it reminds me so much of the beginning of my mission and how far I've come. It is also fun to hear his Spanish because it reminds me of how hard it was to speak at first and makes me thankful for how well I speak the language now.

We had a really crazy week this week. On Tuesday night, when Elder Berrett and I got back from Fuengirola, there were 5 elders in our piso because of transfers. After we got that all taken care of and dropped Elder Wells off to go to the mission home (poor guy) things got a little bit better. But it hasn't settled down completely...today I have to go back to Málaga for a District Leader training and Elder Berrett goes to Madrid on Thursday to do residency. And then Friday morning we have Specialized training in Sevilla. So, we're staying busy!!

Last week we found a great new family - Jesus and Angeles and their 2 children. They are awesome - Jesus has known the missionaries for a long time because they used to pass by his house to visit his parents when he was a kid. He said they used to play Playstation with him, so they weren't the best elders, haha, but Heavenly Father can make even our stupid decision turn into good things in the long run. When we had our second appointment with them Angeles said that they felt a lot better since we have been meeting with them. It is true, I can see how things are really turning around in their lives. Hopefully they will continue because that is what the Gospel does for us - brings us happiness and confidence. We're really excited for them!!

Besides that we have just done a lot of finding this week. We found a pretty diverse list of people on Saturday night - Cuba, Armenia, Russia, and others. The Gospel really is covering the world and every ear shall hear the message of the Restoration. I am so thankful to be part of that prophecy!

I love you SO much!!

Elder Mockler

This week's photos are taken from the mission blog:  http://spainmalagamission.blogspot.com/

Singing the mission song

A meal at training meeting

Haha! The joke when a missionary is going home is that their final companion kills them off.  It would appear that Andy took it literally (look out, Elder Wells!).

 Andy meets his new companion, Elder Berrett

April 16, 2012

Its a Boy!!!


Well, this week is a big week! Another transfer is over which means Elder Wells goes home on Wednesday morning. It is crazy, we have just been packing up his bags for the last time and getting everything cleaned up. But, despite Elder Wells' impending death, there is good news. I'm training! Yep, that's right, I'll have un hijo soon! And I'll be a dad! I go today to pick him up and we'll come back tomorrow afternoon. I'm super excited to have a brand new missionary! I don't know who he is or anything about him yet so that will have to wait until next week.

Besides that the biggest news this week was definitely the Día de Diamante. We dedicated all of Friday to finding - no lessons or anything, just contacting and knocking doors. It was great! Surprisingly enough, I think it was probably the fastest and funnest day of my mission so far. You may have already seen on the mission blog, but at the end of the day we got 1400 future investigators. We also taught a good number of lessons (from people just letting missionaries in from the doorstep) and commited a few people to baptism. Woohoo! Things went well here in our area and we're excited to start contacting to people we have found.

Well, another short email this week, we have to go to Sevilla soon to catch my train to Fuengirola. The church is true and brings eternal light and knowledge into our lives...I'm so thankful for that!! Have an awesome week! I know I will...there is never a bad week in the service of the Lord! I love you all so much!

Elder Mockler

PS I attached a few photos. One of the countryside yesterday from the car window, another of Elder Taylor and I in the Plaza de España, and another of me in a Roman Ampitheatre. Love you!

District Meeting (photo from the Spain Malaga Mission blog)

April 9, 2012

Semana Santa

¡Feliz Pascua!

Well it was another good week. This week is Elder Wells' last full week as a missionary. I'll find out soon who will be coming to replace him. It is pretty wild! So we're keeping busy and making the most out of every last second of his time!

We had a really busy week last week. We did back-to-back splits from Thursday to Saturday, first with the zone leaders and then with the Huelva elders. Elder Lignell (my trainer, if you don't remember) is our zone leader in Sevilla so we got to go on splits together. It was great! Right after switching back we went to the bus station and I caught a bus to Huelva to go do another baptismal interview for them, which is always great. On Saturday morning Elder Wells came in the car to pick us up and we had a nice hour drive to unwind a little bit after a few crazy days.

Speaking of crazy days, this week was pretty wild. All the streets are squeaky now because of all the wax dripped on them from procession candles. We ran into a small one in our area on Wednesday and then we saw one in Huelva that was at least a kilometer long. We were walking by it for about 15 minutes before we got out. I bought a black and white post card of some of the 'nazarenes' (the KKK looking guys) and I was going to send it but I don't think it would make it through the US mail very well....

Well, that's about it. Friday is going to be a HUGE day for the mission and we are all really excited! Keep us in your prayers! I know the Gospel is true and I am so thankful to be able to share it! Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and speaks for Him to us. And, most importantly, Jesus is the Christ, our loving savior, and our understanding oldest brother.

I love you all!!!

Elder Mockler

April 2, 2012

Semana Santa...dun dun dunnnnn

Happy April!

Well, this week is Semana Santa - possibly the biggest evidence of the Great Apostasy that exists. Here in Spain they go crazy over it and there are huge processions all day, every day. Sevilla is the world capital of all Semana Santa mayhem so it should be an interesting week. If you've ever wondered where the KKK got their get-up from, just check out some pictures from any processions and it should become pretty clear.

You may be asking "what other crazy things to Spaniards do?" Well, let me tell you. Sometimes they like to do national strikes (Huelgas) to protest the government. We had one of those last Thursday. Luckily here in the pueblos nothing got too crazy but I've heard in the city things were a little more wild and up North things got really bad.

But, despite all the crazy things they do, somehow you can't help but love Spanish people.

Last week we went and saw some Roman ruins here called Itálica. One of the Roman Emperors was actually born and raised there! It was awesome - there is a huge colliseum and lots of really cool mosaic floors left over from the buildings they had there. Roman Ruins in Spain...who woulda thunk?

Really the best part of the week was General Conference. We went to the Sevilla stake center (have I ever mentioned how huge it is? Or that they put it in the middle of one of the biggest roads in Sevilla? It is awesome) to watch 4 of the sessions and watched the last one this morning in a locutorio. And all in English (yayy)! General conference is really an amazing opportunity to listen to Apostles and Prophets, called of God to lead His children on the Earth. I loved hearing all the promises made to us by them about families, overcoming trials, making our mistakes right, and coming unto Christ. I love the church and, moreso, the Gospel that is helps us live. I love the Spirit that teaches us and points to everlasting joy, peace, and happiness - gifts from God that do not expire but which stay with us no matter the circumstance or time. It is never, ever too late for us to desire, gain, or increase these blessings. Luke 15 is the perfect illustration of that.

Have a great week! I love you!

Elder Mockler