April 23, 2012

A week of new's


Well, first and foremost, I suppose I should introduce my new companion! His name is Elder Berrett and he is from Henderson, Nevada. He is a great guy. I think he was pretty shell-shocked our first couple of days together because he stayed pretty quiet but he has opened up now and we get along really well. It is really fun training him because it reminds me so much of the beginning of my mission and how far I've come. It is also fun to hear his Spanish because it reminds me of how hard it was to speak at first and makes me thankful for how well I speak the language now.

We had a really crazy week this week. On Tuesday night, when Elder Berrett and I got back from Fuengirola, there were 5 elders in our piso because of transfers. After we got that all taken care of and dropped Elder Wells off to go to the mission home (poor guy) things got a little bit better. But it hasn't settled down completely...today I have to go back to Málaga for a District Leader training and Elder Berrett goes to Madrid on Thursday to do residency. And then Friday morning we have Specialized training in Sevilla. So, we're staying busy!!

Last week we found a great new family - Jesus and Angeles and their 2 children. They are awesome - Jesus has known the missionaries for a long time because they used to pass by his house to visit his parents when he was a kid. He said they used to play Playstation with him, so they weren't the best elders, haha, but Heavenly Father can make even our stupid decision turn into good things in the long run. When we had our second appointment with them Angeles said that they felt a lot better since we have been meeting with them. It is true, I can see how things are really turning around in their lives. Hopefully they will continue because that is what the Gospel does for us - brings us happiness and confidence. We're really excited for them!!

Besides that we have just done a lot of finding this week. We found a pretty diverse list of people on Saturday night - Cuba, Armenia, Russia, and others. The Gospel really is covering the world and every ear shall hear the message of the Restoration. I am so thankful to be part of that prophecy!

I love you SO much!!

Elder Mockler

This week's photos are taken from the mission blog:  http://spainmalagamission.blogspot.com/

Singing the mission song

A meal at training meeting

Haha! The joke when a missionary is going home is that their final companion kills them off.  It would appear that Andy took it literally (look out, Elder Wells!).

 Andy meets his new companion, Elder Berrett

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