April 30, 2012

1 year?


I don't know if I mentioned it last week, but this week was the Sevilla Feria. Luckily things don't get crazy here in the pueblos but we sure did see lots of flamenco dresses getting on the buses to the city!

Well, this week was super busy. Time flew by WAY too fast! On Monday I went to Fuengirola again for District Leader training, which was excellent as always. Then on Thursday Elder Berrett went to Madrid to finish his residency so I did splits here with Elder Valenzuela who is serving in Jerez. And on Friday we had Specialized Training in Sevilla which was also a great chance to be with Preisdent and Hermana Clegg and learn how to be better missionaries. Aside from all that we have just been working super hard here in Aljarafe and we're starting to see a lot of success.

Sorry there aren't a lot of details this week! We have just been knocking a lot of doors, talking to a lot of people in the streets, and teaching prepared people the Gospel. As a mission we set over 70 baptismal dates this week which is easily a new mission record. I hit a year this week as well and it is funny how everything is pretty familiar to me but the work never gets old. There are always new people to lift, new things to learn, and new ways to improve. Being with Elder Berrett is really fun and just know that we're doing awesome!! The church is true and brings us happiness. When we truly seek to understand Gospel principles, it all fits together. We just need to be humble and patient with the Lord's timing and trust in his ability to give us the richest blessings possible. 

Love you!!!


The following photos are from the mission blog:  http://spainmalagamission.blogspot.com/

The first 3 photos are from district leader training the last is from
district training.

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