March 26, 2012

The Real McCoy

¡Hola familia!

Well, another good week here in Aljarafe. Elder Wells got really sick on Tuesday and Wednesday so we were stuck in the house. Luckily I dodged it so I just got to take a few days of R&R. Besides that we've been really busy. On Saturday we had a 'cosecha' in our area, which is when all of the missionaries in the zone go to one place to do contacts. There were 16 or 18 missionaries there and it went really well! So we've got lots of people to call and pass by this week.

On Thursday we had specialized training in Sevilla. It was really great, just like all missionary meetings are. Afterward we all went to Dominos pizza (yes, it exists here!!) because they just started doing an all you can eat/drink deal. Yes, all you can drink....most restaurants here charge for refills. But Burger King brought free refills to Spain and it is finally starting to catch on! Hoorayyy!

Yesterday in church Fernando, the member who LOVES America, described something as "the real mccoy." It was hilarious to hear him try to explain what that means in Spanish. Almost every one of his comments starts with "In the US..." or "As the Americans say..." and so forth. It is good to have someone else repping the States with us. And during Elders Quorum he made Elder Wells and I the "American Team" for finding scriptures and I'm proud to say we definitely won the multi-national scripture chase.

Well, that is all for this week. The church is true! I'm so grateful for the Book of brings a special spirit of peace into our lives. Heavenly Father has prepared a plan of happiness for us, we just have to humble ourselves, accept it and follow it. I'm so grateful for the Gospel!

Love you!!
Elder Mockler

P.S. I attached some pictures from our trip to the Real Alcázar last week. It was awesome - it is absolutely gigantic and very pretty inside. I hope you enjoy them!

Andy at zone conference in Sevilla
The Spanish courtyard at Real Alcázar
Another part of the Spanish Courtyard
Elder Wells and Andy with some "popcorn popping" in the gardens
Lost in the hedge maze
Part of the Arab courtyard

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