May 7, 2012

The Rain in Spain falls mainly on the....missionaries.


Had I ever mentioned that, in order to more fully understand and embrace Spanish culture (and enjoy delicious, salty, raw bacon-meat), we bought a Jamón leg a few weeks ago? Well, it met it's sad demise last Monday after having scraped it to the bone (literally). I had quite a lot of fun with that thing...from carrying a pig leg through San Juan to cooking breakfast next to a pig hoof every morning...I don't think I'll ever have an experience quite like it. Until we buy the next one, that is. Anyway, I attached a picture of me and the pig leg. I hope it grosses you out as much as it should gross me out!

It rained a lot this week, which was fun. On Saturday we did a cosecha in Sevilla and it rained the entire time we were out. It made it kind of exciting, though, and our best contacts happened when it was raining the hardest. A few rain drops can't stop this work! Interesting fact about Spain: All of the sidewalks are made out of tiles which are loosely placed on top of concrete. But they usually aren't placed well so when it rains there are sporadic 'landmines' when you step on a wobbly tile and it sprays your legs (or, if you're lucky, your companion's legs) with the water that has seeped in underneath. Qué divertido.

Well, we have another busy week ahead of us. We're headed to Córdoba tonight to do an interview and we have lots of lessons planned that we hope will go through. The time is flying by!! The mission is like living a mini-life and it makes me realize that we are all on a noble quest for perfection and we must use every minute to try to procure it. And although we are unable, if we do our best Christ will lift us up unto perfection in the last day. God's commands are nothing more than the boundaries on the path to His kingdom. Sometimes (or oftentimes) we're just too stubborn to see it.

Love you!!!!

Elder Mockler

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