August 1, 2011



So this morning we almost went to Gibraltar! We rode the bus all the way there and then realized we had forgotten our passports. So next week hopefully we'll go for real! Haha.
I finally remembered to bring my address with me. Feel free to send letters to this address or the mission office. Packages should be sent to this address, but I would rather not receive a package unless I'm expecting it. The fees can be really huge here to pick things up from America.

Elder Andy Mockler
C/ Almeria 6B, 7º D
11203 Algeciras, Cadiz

It has been a pretty interesting week. It flew by. It is hard to believe we are already having another P-Day. Yesterday in church I had to teach primary because the primary president didn't show up. There was also a family from Denmark here for the week, so they asked me to teach the lesson in Spanish and English. It was interesting for sure. Spanish is coming along really really well. I feel like I'm understanding most of what people say now. Some people are still hard to understand when they have really thick accents, but I feel a lot better about speaking and listening now.

I got my first taste of really interesting food this week. First of all, I finally ate Jamón, which is super popular here. It is basically uncooked bacon - it is raw ham that is cured for months. It is super good. The really interesting food was on Saturday, though, when we ate some Bolivian soup in a member´s house. They put a bunch of weird meat in it and said they would tell us what it was after we ate it. Let's just say Cow hoof and bull testicles really aren't that bad.

On Thursday Elder Lignell got really sick so we had to stay in the piso all day. It was weird just sitting for a whole day because I'm so used to working all the time. The good news, though, is that we bought 4 melónes from a truck on the street and Elder White made a mask out of one of them. We also made the best melón milk of all time. 

Well, that's about it. We have 3 people that are progressing towards baptism right now and things are going really well. We have zone conference on Wednesday so I hope we can keep up our momentum even though we'll be gone for a while this week. It is so exciting to see people change their lives for the better. Every day we walk through the streets and see people who are caught up in the world. Drunks come talk to us all the time. It is so obvious to me, being on my side, how the things of the world never bring us happiness. These people who have destroyed their lives with alcohol abuse or who are caught up in drugs and other sins are just not happy. On the other hand, I also see the lives of the faithful members here, and although they have hard times and sad things happen to all of them, they have genuine happiness and are content with their lives. I feel the same way. I am so blessed to have a knowledge of the Gospel. I know that through living it we feel happiness in our lives - a happiness that endures the hardships of life. I know Jesus Christ is my Savior and that with him we can do all things - big or small. 

Thanks for all of your support! Love you!!
Elder Mockler

 Andy, Elder White, Rafe, and Elder Lignell at Rafe's baptism

Fútbol in Algeciras!!

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