August 29, 2011

There are no cookies in Spain!

¡Hola familia!

It is finally starting to rain here in Algeciras! I'm excited for the cool weather that will come with it. We've started having some pretty cold nights recently, thankfully! Also, I hit my 4 month mark just a few days ago. I can't believe I've already been out so is crazy!

On Saturday we went and had a ward activity at the Rio de Miel. We hiked up a ways to where there is a big waterfalls and some little pools of water. It was a good time and really beautiful. I think it is also known by La Garganta del Capitan if you want to look it up on google. The walk was quite a ways, though, so Elder Lignell and I were super tired all Saturday night. It was definitely worth it, though! Everyone was supposed to bring some kind of food to share, so I decided I would try to make "American cookies." They don't have real cookies here. Unfortunately we were pretty rushed to get the ingredients so we couldn't find chocolate chips or powdered brown sugar. Or measuring cups! I ended up using the cap to our laundry soap to measure everything out. We could only fit 6 at a time in our little toaster oven. The whole situation was just a mess. But a pretty hilarious mess. They didn't turn out as bad as you would imagine, just a little hard. I am committed to make a good batch of chocolate chip cookies before I leave Spain, just wait!

Last Monday we went to help a member paint his apartment. Spaniards are notorious for being terrible handymen...and this was no exception. We started out trying to do a good job, but he just kept making fun of us for going so slow. He told us just to heap paint onto the rollers and get it on the walls. We also filled in a huge hole in the wall with paint. It looked really bad, but he was happy with it and I guess that's all that counts. It made me excited to be able to do things like paint my own house someday...but actually do it the right way!!

This week we had a lot of lessons with less-active members. We have talked a lot with them about how they can always read the scriptures, pray, and go to church. Satan tries so hard to make us think we are not worthy to pray or to go to church. He makes us feel guilty or reminds us of the mistakes we've made. But I know that coming back is always worth it. Life as an active church member is so much better than life outside the church - or inactivity in the church, for that matter. I am so grateful I have these two years that make that so clear. The Atonement covers all men. Christ suffered so that the imperfect could return to live with the Father (that is all of us, by the way). It's an awful thing to turn that down.

Thank you for all of your love and support. I love you all so much! Have a great week!
Elder Mockler
La Garganta del Capitan (image from Google)

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