July 25, 2011

¡Hola! Another Week In Algeciras

This week really flew by. I am starting to realize how fast the mission goes. This week I'll hit my 3 month mark. It is weird to think I've been out that long!
On Saturday the ward threw a surprise birthday party for Elder Lignell because he is turning 20 tomorrow. It was lots of fun - they had tons of food and we got to relax a little bit with the members. They kept wanting to listen to all kinds of music - Ke$ha, Beyonce, etc. - because they don't understand the lyrics at all. We always have to tell them the songs aren't really appropriate, but they don't really get it. When they brought out the cake they all made Elder Lignell shove his face into it. I don't know if it is a tradition here or if we just have crazy members, but it was funny either way.
The work here is going really well! Yesterday we set a baptismal date with an investigator named Manuel for August 21st. He is a great guy and doesn't smoke or drink even though all his friends do. Francisco is another investigator who is super close to baptism - he just has to go to the city hall here and get an official marriage. We are hoping he does it soon. We are also working with a guy from Senegal who's name is Fall. He is awesome. The other day when we were there they fed us an African dish of fish and rice. It was really delicious. He can't read, so we take him church videos for him to watch. He loves them.
One of our investigators has a strong testimony but is having a hard time commiting to baptism. He is concerned because there is a guy here who got baptized but stopped going to church a few weeks later. It is sad to see examples like that, but it is just a reminder that the people in the church are not perfect. Fortunately, when we base our testimonies in the things that are true and unchanging - the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, prayer, and Jesus Christ - we can know that the church is still perfect, even when the members are not. I love being here and being able to share the joy of the Gospel with the people of Spain. By obedience in the Church of Jesus Christ we can truly reach our full potential and have more joy in this life - I know that is true.
Thank you for all your love and support. I love you!!!
Elder Mockler


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  1. Tell Andy that the birthday-cake-in-the-face thing seems to be a world-wide tradition. They did it to Ellen in Ecuador and according to her companions, it is a common tradition all over Central and South America. At least he knows what to expect on his birthday!