August 15, 2011

Another Week In Algeciras


Well, first things first...we finally made it to Gibraltar last week! It was EXTREMELY hot, so we all get some pretty good tans. And seeing as we're all about saving money, we climbed the stairs to the top of the mountain instead of taking a bus or the cable car. It was a lot of steps. Hundreds and hundreds. My legs have never felt so much like jello. Unfortunately the monkeys weren't very happy campers because it was so hot, but it was still worth going. The view from the top is great and we could see Africa really well. 

Time is really starting to fly here. We said goodbye to Elder White last Wednesday...I can hardly believe it has almost been a week already. When we get to our weekly planning every Thursday I'm just blown away by how fast the week has gone. It is a good for us to feel that way as missionaries, though - it always keeps us motivated to be working. 

This week at our branch activity on Friday it was our turn to do the activity. We played the game where you have to put a cookie on your forehead and get it into your mouth without your hands. All of you should be proud to know I was the only one who could do it! Chalk me up as the most talented cookie eater in Algeciras!!

Yesterday in church a man from the Stake came from Cadiz to speak in Sunday School. He talked about tithing. Spain is having some really hard economic times right now, especially in Andalucía and here in Algeciras. It was a good reminder to everyone that we need to pay tithing even though it is hard. Everything we have in this life is given to us by God - whether it be through the talents we have been given or the circumstances we're put into, it is all because of him. We're asked to give a tiny bit of it back. Just like every other commandment we're given, it comes down to being an opportunity to receive the blessings God has prepared for us. I am so grateful that I have been shown the way to be happy and successful in this life.

Sorry the email is a bit short this week. Thanks to everyone for all of your support!

Elder Mockler

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