June 9, 2011

More of the MTC

Hey everyone! It's another P-day already...I can't believe it!!
So it has been a great week. After setting last Wednesday as "all Spanish" day and realizing it wasn't very tough, we have done it 3 more times. We're hoping to do a whole week before we leave, but we'll see what happens. It is so exciting! There were only 2 real vocabulary slip-ups this week...our District leader told someone that they could be clean from their fish (pescado v. pecado) and I accidentally told another elder he could live with his husband forever (esposo v esposa). Hopefully we'll get that all out before we start confusing investigators.
So on Tuesday, Elder Kikuchi came and spoke to us. It was great. He gave a great message about the Joseph Smith story. It was especially cool to hear him speak to us in English - his second language - because even though it was a bit broken sometimes, he was still a fantastic teacher and we all felt the Spirit. It was a wonderful opportunity.
I got to touch a cell phone this week to take a picture for a teacher. That was pretty rad, I guess.
Dad, sounds like a good weekend of mulching. Definitely don't miss that! Haha. Sounds like everyone is getting all situated with their summer jobs...that's good! Glad to hear everything is goin great in good ol' Indiana. And happy birthday Morgan!!
I think that's about it. No word on the visa this week. I asked in the travel office and they said they haven't heard anything from Spain in quite a while. Hopefully that means it'll be here soon, and luckily that means I haven't missed another wave. I'm grateful to be here at the MTC still, though. It is a great place to learn. There are definitely very special blessings here. I'm so grateful for the Gospel and for the comfort, peace, and purpose it gives to my life. I am SO excited to be able to dedicate my life to sharing that!
Thanks for all your support! I love you all!
Elder Mockler

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