June 29, 2011

I'm in Spain!

Hola familia!
So I´m here in Madrid safe and sound! It's crazy to think I´m really here...in Europe...which is not America. Also I can't believe it is Wednesday....I lost all of my Tuesday to flying and time changes, so the days are a bit messed up now. All 13 of us in my group are running on about 4 hours or sleep in the last 2 days, so things are pretty interesting. We get to go to bed after dinner, I'm so excited.
Well, in case anyone didn't know, Spain is definitely another country. It is so cool to be somewhere so different. The first thing I noticed is that it is super hot. Everywhere. They don't believe in AC really. We're lucky to have it in a lot of our rooms here in the CCM but most places don't have it. Not even the airport had it in most of the places we were in while we were leaving. They also don't really believe in having grass, which makes sense because they also don't believe in having houses. Everyone here lives in high-rise apartment complexes. It's really wild, there are huge red brick buildings everywhere. And a lot of dirt in between them. And grafitti everywhere else. It kind of reminds me of Southern California sometimes. Except on a different continent 7,000 miles away.
The flight was pretty good. I couldn't sleep very well but it was alright. I read a lot and wrote a few letters and slept for about 2 hours. They fed us both breakfast and dinner. It was pretty awful. But I guess it was better than no food so I can't complain too much. I sat next to a boy from Mexico who just graduated high school and he kept asking me if I wanted to listen to music with his headphones because I must have looked bored. I explained to him a few times that I couldn't but I think he was still a bit confused. We got a lot of interesting looks - I guess I should get used to that for the next few year - and we had a few opportunities to share which was awesome.
So, a little about the Spain MTC. The food here is incredible. Especially after the Provo MTC cafeteria and airplane food. It is so delicious. And the showers are super nice as well. I can honestly say I don't think I've ever used a nicer shower in my life. The rooms are a bit smaller but we can see the temple and the windows are really nice, so it is a fair trade. My group that came today is the only one here, which is unusual. I'll leave next Thursday with 4 others - 1 of which is going to Málaga with me.
As far as Spanish goes, it is definitely a lot different here. I haven't gotten to speak a whole lot because everyone here speaks to us in Spanish today since a lot of Elders haven't had much time in the MTC. I guess I'll see tomorrow how prepared I am to speak! That'll be fun...I can't wait!
If anyone wants to send me mail while I´m at the MTC you may as well just email me. Otherwise just send it to the mission home in Málaga. I have email time again tomorrow because it is our P-Day, so you'll be hearing a lot from me I guess.
Love you!!!
Elder Mockler

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