June 8, 2011

May 26, 2011: One Month Already!!

Hey all!
So yesterday was our 1 month mark...crazy! I can't believe it has already been that long. It's been flying by. At the same time, as an Elder in my hallway put it, I am starting to feel like I "was born here." Seriously, so much has happened, it's crazy. Spanish is coming along really well; we're trying to speak more and more every day. Hopefully soon we'll be doing all Spanish, but it is hard since there is a lot we don't know how to say. Not to mention our vocabulary is still pretty limited. It'll come soon enough though!
Elder Carroll went to Spain last Friday, so his companion, Elder Bauer, got put in a 3-some with Elder Ferrell and I. He is a great guy. He is from Bloomington, Illinois, and he speaks Spanish really well because his mom spoke it in his home. He isn't quite fluent, but he is definitely ahead of us. It's has been good to have him around with us! All the Elders going to Spain have left except Elder Bauer and I....we have tons more space in the classroom now. That's been a welcome change, for sure.
Still no visa news, unfortunately. I'm ok with that, though; I really love my district and my teachers here, so I don't mind sticking around. But, as soon as my visa comes in I'll be just as excited to get out of here!!! Mom and Dad, if my visa comes in and I'm leaving before I get a chance to email I'm pretty sure they'll let me call you and let you know, as well as tell you when I can call from the airport. So no worries about missing me! We'll be able to figure it out.
Speaking of getting out of here, I get to leave the MTC tomorrow to go to the dermatologist. It isn't going to be very fun to be there, but I think it'll be worth it to be out into the "real world" for a few hours. We just ride the shuttle to the doctor and back, but its out of the MTC! Woo! Mom and Dad, when they called you I was sitting right across from the receptionist who called you. It was funny to just sit there listening to her talk to you knowing that I couldn't! Haha
Today I saw Jimmer Fredette at the temple. That was pretty awesome. He was in my session. It took me really off guard when I looked over and recognized him! Just a brush with fame, or something like that. One of the older temple workers was pretty excited to see him. It was funny.
Elder Nelson came and spoke to us on Tuesday. 2 apostles in 4 weeks is pretty good, even for the MTC. it's always a blessing to hear from apostles here. Mom, Elder Scott and Elder Oaks came the week before I was here. I think they were there on the Sunday and Tuesday before I entered the MTC.
I saw the news about all the tornadoes on the church news website the other day. All the missionaries in Missouri were safe, which is great. Sounds like things have been crazy since I left! I hope everyone is safe and healthy. I love you all! Thanks for your support! Sorry I don't have a whole lot of exciting things to email about, most everything is the same here in the MTC. But that isn't a bad thing - it's an amazing place to be. I have learned so much and my testimony of this gospel has really grown since I've been here. I know that we can feel joy and peace through this Gospel. I'm so excited to share it with the world.
Elder Mockler

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