June 8, 2011

June 2, 2011: It's June!!!

Hey everyone!
So, it was another great week in the MTC! Crazy to believe that I'll be out of here in about 20 days. I'm so excited! Unfortunately no news on the visa still. It's about time for another "wave" of them to come in, so hopefully mine will get here this week sometime. Not sure if they would still send me to the Madrid MTC or not. Hopefully we'll find out!!
Last Friday, Elder Bauer, Elder Ferrell, and I got to leave the MTC to go to the dermatologist. It was super weird to be out of here. We were just in Provo so it was cool because everyone was super nice to us. It was definitely the most "adventure" I've had in quite a while now. It made me super excited to be out in the field because it felt really good to be talking with real people.
Yesterday my district did our first entire day in Spanish. It went really really well. It was frustrating sometimes because there are some things that are still really hard to express and we are lacking a lot of vocabulary, but considering we're just over half way finished here I would say it was a success. We've been teaching a lot in Spanish these past couple of weeks and that has definitely helped.
Last Friday, Hermano Bell, one of our teachers, was out of town and we had a substitute...it was Cameron Clark, who I knew at BYU! That was awesome. It was great to spend some time (sort of) with someone I knew before coming here. Alyssa Kohrman also came into the MTC last week and I see her around every once and a while.
Mom, I printed out some pictures today and I'll mail them to you soon. If you want you can scan them and email them out or put them up on facebook!
Well, I think that's about it for this week. On Sunday I watched the Finding Faith in Christ video online with some people in my zone. It was really great. Afterward I was reading Matthew 11:28. I love that scripture. It is so true. I'm so grateful for the Gospel and the opportunity to share it. I'm thankful that I can come unto Christ and find rest in him. And I am so excited to be able to share that with those in the world who are weary and burdened so that they can find rest in our Savior.
Love you all!
Elder Mockler

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