October 8, 2012

Lots of changes in Alcázar!

Hey! This week is going to be really short! We have had a crazy week saying goodbye to Elder Rodríguez and welcoming Elder Pallas, Elder Jones, and Elder Pardo, a new missionary from Barcelona. We have had to go to a lot of appointments all together which is SUPER weird, but we're getting everything squared away and dividing up the area. It has been great having 4 people in the piso...tons of fun. And Elder Pallas can drive! So I have been getting some nice time in the passenger seat for once! haha.

Hope all of you enjoyed General Conference. It was a great opportunity to listen to the Apostles and the Prophet. I loved it! I know that this is Christ's restored church and that our leaders speak with authority from God against the evils of this world and give testimony of Christ, our Savior.

Love you!!

Elder Mockler

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