October 15, 2012

Did that really just happen...?

Well, hello!

Well, we had a pretty good week. Still a bit slow because we're 4 missionaries here in this area but we are still making good progress. It has gotten REALLY cold here today, so I guess fall is here. Luckily I'll be down in sunny Fuengirola in a few weeks :)

Well, Friday night was one of the more interesting times of my mission. Why? Well, we were coming home from Tomelloso, a pueblo about a half an hour away, and Elder Pallas was driving. We stopped behind a car that was turning left, waited a second, and then I just hear Elder Pallas say "Oh no.." and BOOM! the car behind us slammed into us. We weren't harmed at all except for a little bit of nerves and our car is pretty much fine - just some scratches on the bumper. The other car was pretty bad but the people were fine. The lady who hit us was an insurance agent (miracle!) and helped us fill out the accident report because here in Europe the police don't usually go to scenes of smaller accidents like that. After a stressful hour of filling out paperwork and trying to make phone calls, we were able to drive away just fine. It was pretty amazing that nothing more happened to us or the people in the other car. I guess we can cross "get in a car accident in Europe" off the list now.

Before the accident we had a really good evening! We visited a less-active lady that we found in a pueblo and met her husband and her daughter. They are really great people and really prepared - they had even gone to mormon.org (which is now in spanish as well) before we came over and watched a bunch of videos. Alejandra was baptized when she was 15 but when she went to college and moved here she lost track of the church and has forgotten a lot of things. We are excited to be teaching them and helping them come back to church. Lizeth, Katerine, and Leidy, the 3 Columbian girls we are teaching are doing really well, too, and we are hoping they will get baptized before I leave here! I sure am going to miss Alcázar a lot...

Well, I hope you all have a great week. I know the Lord protects us and helps us always. All things are part of his plan and under his control. I'm so grateful to be part of his work here in Spain. The church is true! The Book of Mormon is true as well and contains the words of Christ through his prophets.

Love you!
Elder Mockler

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