October 22, 2012

4 more days in La Mancha


Well, this is the last email I'll write from Alcázar. Pretty hard to believe that these last 3 weeks are already pretty much come and gone. I got my train ticket to go to Fuengirola this morning so that makes it pretty dang official haha. Elder Pallas and I have just been having a blast (Except for when he got stuck waiting in a train station for 6 hours on Wednesday...poor guy. At least I was here with the other Elders! haha) and making the most out of these last few weeks here. I'll attach a few pictures from today and last PDay.

On Wednesday we are going to have a baptism!! Leydi, the youngest of the Columbian girls we have been teaching, is going to get baptized. We are super excited and hoping that the service will help her sisters decide to take the same step. We'll be running around getting everything prepared for that and doing my last visits to everyone this week so time is just going to fly by. We have a lot of awesome investigators right now and Elder Jones, Elder Pardo, and Elder Pallas are going to have lots of success in the next few months. We have an awesome Romanian investigator named Daniel who came to church yesterday. He has a 14 month old girl who walks and talks and is the most adorable thing on the planet. She was awfully popular yesterday at church haha. He is going to make us Paella tonight in the church and tells me and Elder Pallas that we are his best friends. Elder Pallas doesn't talk a lot in the lessons and on the way out the other day he said he is going to pray so that Elder Pallas' spirit can 'travel among us' more hahaha the guy awesome.

As far as I know my P-Day will change to Saturday in the office, so I think I will be emailing again then. I'm so excited to go down there and learn all kinds of new things. The mission is such a great experience and I'm really grateful to be here and to be learning so much. What a great blessing! I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that he loves us and cares for us personally.

Love you all!!

Elder Mockler

One last trip to the molinos.

The Cathedral in El Toboso

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