February 20, 2012

Tortilla de Patata!!


This week went by WAY too fast! We were really busy doing splits with the zone leaders and having zone conference...I ended up spending about half the week in Sevilla instead of here in our area! It was a lot of fun, though...I love being in the city!

So the food of the week would probably be tortilla de patata. We ate a lot of it. On Monday some members invited us over and we ate homemade tortilla with them AND got to take almost a whole one home with us which was great. And while I was in Sevilla with Elder Hafen we decided to try to make one. It turned out really good, actually. I've learned to love tortilla...it is a little different but if you make it right it is awesome.

We have 2 investigators who are really progressing towards baptism. Sonya is married to a member (Tito) who recently reactivated and they are striving towards going to the temple to be sealed. It is awesome to see how the Gospel is blessing their lives. Tito is an awesome guy and an awesome member missionary. And, interestingly enough, he lived in Utah for 3 years while he was in high school so he speaks english perfectly. I think I've said it before but probably half our ward speaks English really well. And one of the members absolutely LOVES the USA. He is always talking about how awesome it is. It is great, haha. The other investigator is named Orlando and he is a great guy from Ecuador. When he gets excited he'll pump his fists and say "yes we can! yes we can!" haha it is hilarious. He is a super outgoing and fun guy but is searching for something more in his life. Lucky for him we can show him where to find it!

Well, not too much more exciting to report. The work is moving on and going really well. I'm so grateful to be able to teach the Gospel and remind people of the eternal goals they set before being born. We are all striving to live worthy to enter into the presence of our Father again. We get there by living the Gospel and for it we are blessed every step of the way. It isn't always easy (in fact it hardly ever is), but it is worth it. I'm so grateful to know that and to have such blessings in my life!

I love you!!!

Elder Mockler

These photos are from the Spain Malaga mission blog and were taken at zone conference this past week.

Elders Crawford, Mockler, Pearce, and Barrett

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