February 13, 2012

A Baked Potato is Always Worth a 6 Hour Trip

¡Feliz Lunes!

I should start off by saying that I forgot something important in my letter last week. Elder Wells and I had to go to Plaza de España to do some residency stuff, so I can check that off my list of sights to see in Sevilla! I'll attach some pictures.

It was an exciting week! On Tuesday I got to go down to Fuengirola and stay in the mission home for the first time. We ate real baked potatos for lunch and they were amazing!! I think it was mostly because they were prepared by American hands. We had a really awesome conference for all the district leaders. Anytime we get together for conferences and meetings as missionaries it is awesome - lots of fun and even more spiritual nourishment.

Anyone remember "Welcome to my Study"? The bishop here is that guy. The very personification of that character. It is awesome.

As far as the work goes here, we set a fecha this week! A lady named Sonya is preparing for baptism on the 24th of March. Her husband, Tito, is an awesome member that recently reactivated and they are both really excited about the Gospel. We have a lot of other good investigators but they are having a hard time coming to church. We'll see how we can help them this week to see the importance of attending church!

Speaking of Tito, an interesting fact about our ward is that about half the people have lived in America at some point in their life. Tito spent a year living in Utah. With the American family we may be one of the most patriotic wards in the mission (besides the wards on the military bases)...God Bless America!

Well, I think that is about it. I love you!! The Gospel is true! It isn't easy to live but if we look at the things that we really want in the long term then living the Gospel is really the only reasonable decision. As Christ said, he is the living water that springs up unto eternal life. The water we draw from the deep well of the world won't satisfy our thirst for more than a few brief hours at a time but He can bring us water that satisfies eternally. I hope we can always remember that, even when it may appear backwards it is not. I'm so grateful to know where to go to find the BEST things Heavenly Father has given us.

Have a great week!

Elder Mockler

Three photos from Andy's visit to Plaza de España

There were lots of pictures of Andy on the Spain Málaga mission blog this week.  Andy was at the mission home for training meetings.

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