January 16, 2012



Well, we're getting to the end of another transfer. We'll find out on Thursday if there are any changes and it is looking like I might be leaving Huércal. We gave up the car this week because it has been to hard to get investigators to church from the pueblo so there have been a lot of changes already! We drove to Granada to drop off the car and there was a lot of snow on the mountains around there. This morning we woke up to see snow on the tops of some of the mountains around here, too. Crazy!!

We didn't have a super exciting week this week, just a lot of teaching and finding. While we were knocking doors the other night we had a pretty weird experience though. We knocked on a door and we heard someone say, in English, on the other side "I think it's the mormons." Two American girls answered the door and we talked to them for a minute about the Gospel. Things got weird when they said they were kind of drunk and asked us out so we just told them they could come to church any Sunday and then left. It was really random and weird. I'll stick to talking to Spaniards.

Well, not a whole lot else to say. The Church is true! Living like the Savior is the best way to live a life full of profound happiness. I am so grateful to be here and to be able to help people come unto Christ.

I love you!!

Elder Mockler

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