January 2, 2012

¡Feliz Año!

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

2012! I can't believe it! I will spend this entire year in Spain! Woohoo!! Pretty crazy to think I will be a missionary for this entire year. I'm excited!

Not too much happened for new years here. During the night people were setting of fireworks (read: bombs) but besides that not a lot goes on. Most of the people here go out to party at clubs or bars for any Holiday (new years, Christmas, Christmas eve, and any Monday they decide they don't want to work...), so nothing else really happened. They celebrate 'Los Reyes Magos' (the 3 kings that visited Jesus) here more than anything else and that happens on the 6th, so we'll see if anything cool happens here in Huércal!

So, like always, here is the food update. We have eaten a lot of homemade tamales this week - twice from the Honduran family and once from a Venezuelan recent convert. The Venezuelan tamales are also called 'Allacas', which is like Allá y Acá (that means 'there' and 'here), because their tamales are more Spanish influenced. So it is a mix of 'here' and 'there'. Yesterday we also had bread pudding, which was quite good and normal. It was great! 

The work here is going well. We had a long week this week because we had to drop a lot of investigators that weren't progressing. It is always hard to do, but it is necessary because we really can't do anything to help anyone if they aren't willing to do their part. We still have 4 baptisms planned for this month, including Melisa who will get baptized as soon as she fixes some paperwork concerning her marriage that kept us from doing it last week. 

I'm so grateful to be here in Spain. I have really been blessed with the language a lot and I know it is because The Lord helps his missionaries. The Gospel is to go forth unto every nation and all men will hear it in their own tongue. That profecy is fulfilled and continues in miraculous ways. Like Moroni says, if we think miracles have ceased in the world it only means our faith in Christ has ceased. I hope we all have the faith to make miracles and to see the ones that happen all around us every day. ( Mormon 9)

I love you all!! Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Mockler

Photos from the Spain Málaga Mission blog:

The Murcia Zone meets in Cartagena

Murcia and Elche Zones Christmas photo

...And a silly one!

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