January 9, 2012

End of the Holidays

¡Feliz Reyes!
 Finally the holidays are over! Friday was Dia de los Reyes which is when they celebrate the wise men visiting Jesus. It is the day Spaniards do what we do on Christmas. Today all of the schools are back in session and everything is finally back to NORMAL! Yay!

 Last night we had a pretty great cultural experience. One of our members introduced us to a Bulgarian family that lives by them and we went over to teach them. There is one lady who speaks some Spanish and some English, but not a lot. Her parents don't speak any Spanish or English. It was an interesting lesson to say the least, haha. We gave them a Book of Mormon in Bulgarian, though, and that really does missionary work much better than we do. The Bulgarian language is pretty crazy (completely different from English or Spanish)...I tried figuring out some of the words by comparing our Spanish materials but it was impossible. We also learned that in Bulgaria you nod your head when you say no and shake your head when you say yes.

We had a really special experience on Saturday. We had gone out to Turre, one of our pueblos, to teach a lesson and after driving about 35 minutes they called us and said they couldn't meet. It was a bummer after making the trip and we had a member with us so we felt bad for taking him all the way out there for nothing. We went by all of our future investigators in Turre but no one was really interested. We decided to go back to the car and say a prayer to know what to do. After praying, we thought to call a man in a pueblo about an hour away. When he answered he said "I don't have time but my brother Juan is extremely interested and wants to talk to you." After getting his brother's address and phone number we made the long drive to Albox. In 3 days, Juan had already read HALF of the Book of Mormon (up to Alma 22)!! Within the first few minutes of being there he asked us if he could be baptized. Clearly we said yes! We have a few things to work on before he is ready but it was definitely a miracle. When we pray with faith, the Lord always listens. Sometimes the answer doesn't make a ton of sense or doesn't come in the way we expect, but he answers us. We just need to be working and moving forard - that is when he can put good things in our paths.

 I love you!!!

 Elder Mockler

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