June 5, 2012

La Manchita


Well, I officially live in Castilla-La Mancha now! Yayy! It's the greatest place ever! We drive here and the drive between our pueblos reminds me a lot of Indiana. Pretty flat and lots of wheat. We live in a pueblo called Alcázar de San Juan that I think has about 40,000 people. My companion is named Elder Rodriguez and he is from Madrid but his mom is Colombian so he is half South American. He speaks English pretty well but doesn't like to so it is 100% Spanish all the time betwen us which has been pretty darn neat! It makes for some pretty hilarious situations sometimes too.

Well, we have a crazy month ahead of us! We just got back today from Zone Leader Concilio in Fuengirola and we get to go back to Malaga next week for zone conference. Then when President Clegg leaves and Pres. Deere gets here at the end of the month we go back twice agin for concilio and zone conference. Lots of trips on the AVE (the high speed train)! We're super excited for everything that is coming up but we'll definitely stay plenty busy!

The branch is pretty small here...between 15 and 20 people in church every week, so it reminds me a lot of Huércal-Overa. I definitely miss having a mature ward like in Aljarafe but small branches are awesome as well. Just last week 5 people were baptized here so we are hoping to find lots of new people and keep seeing great things. I love being a missionary! The church is true! Following Christ's teachings is the way to fulfilment now and in the eternities. We are so blessed to have prophets and apostles and scriptures today to guide us to Him!

I Love you so much!!

Elder Mockler

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