June 25, 2012

La Mancha's best week OF ALL TIME

Oye qué pasaa!

Well, this week the La Mancha zone had the best week it has ever had. But really! It was quite the incredible week here. One of our areas set 13 baptismal dates this week and overall we found more than 500 future investigators. Here in Alcázar he had an awesome week as well. We did splits with the APs and with the district leader in Puertollano and we were SUPER busy, but those are always the best weeks as a missionary! We saw a lot of miracles and we're super excited right now!! This week we get to drive to Cáceres which is about 5 hours away from here so that will be a fun little ROAD TRIP on Wednesday and Thursday. We are trying to work as hard as we can before we lose a few days next week in Málaga.

I'm attaching photos from various adventures over the last month. One of us (Me, Elder Barahona, Elder Nuñez, and Hna. Moreno) eating at Taco Bell in Málaga, our glorious Maple Syrup victory with our homemade syrup cleverly disguised in an Aunt Jemima bottle, a famous La Mancha windmill (Molino), and me looking out over La Mancha.

While I was on splits with the APs I had an awesome conversation with Elder Hall about the Atonement. We talked about how we don't understand how one man's suffering could pay the price for all our mistakes and shortcomings, but that we know it is true. We talked about what we must have felt as we reverently looked down on our older brother suffering to save us.And about the profound joy and gratitude we had to have felt when He said "It is finished" and completed the Atonement. In that moment, we knew we would be able to make it. I imagine that then we all told ourselves we would never sin, that I could never make Christ suffer like that because of ME. We still make mistakes everyday but His love is infinite and can reach us even in the darkest abyss. I read Mosiah 26 and 27 this week which talk a lot about repentance as well. The Lord is always, ALWAYS, willing to forgive us, no matter how long the road to repentance is.

I'm so grateful to be a missionary, especially in the Spain Málaga mission!! I love you all!!

Elder Mockler

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