January 11, 2013


¡Buenos días!

So, this week was probably our most normal office week yet. Thank goodness! Elder Berrett and I actually have had quite a bit of time to work in our area during the week which has been grand. On Monday we had concilio, which was a really great meeting (as always), and besides that we haven't really had anything unusual going on!

On Tuesday we got word that we will be receiving on of our many "visa waiters" this week because the Spanish consulate is finally beginning to process our visas for us. We are changing the residency process for her, so Elder Berrett and I will have quite the adventure trying to figure out the new process we are trying out. We are so excited that visas are starting to come through! We're hoping to receive 25 more visa waiters in the next few weeks/months. It'll be crazy!!

This week we were blessed to see a huge miracle. On Wednesday, the APs were out traveling the mission when they got a call from a British number. The lady calling introduced herself as Katie, said she had found our card, and asked to set up a time to meet with us so we could teach her. Elder Berrett and I got her number and called her and we met with her and Jack, a member from the English branch, on Thursday. She is SO awesome and super prepared to hear the Gospel. We all felt the Spirit strongly during the lesson with her. She has 2 children, a 5 year old daughter and a 7 year old boy. We can't wait to see them at church tomorrow! Just goes to show that there are people seeking and finding the Gospel every day - makes me wonder how many more there are who haven't had the luck to find a card or the courage to call the number.

Speaking of miracles, we finally got to meet with a recent convert from the English branch this week who is from Egypt. He converted to Christianity 17 years ago in Egypt and when he did, his family completely abandoned him - they even put a headstone in the family plot with his name, his birthdate, and the date he converted to Christianity for his death date. After being thrown in jail and treated very poorly there, he was released and slowly found his way out of Egypt and here to Spain. That process took 15 long years of persecution. While in Egypt, he investigated many churches through the internet and said he read "everything bad" about the Mormons. But, he always wondered why everyone talked so bad about them if they were a Christian church. Slowly, he gained a testimony of the Gospel and stayed firm in his faith in Jesus Christ until he made it to Fuengirola, Spain, and submitted his name as a reference through mormon.org. That will be a year ago in February.

There are people everywhere searching for the Gospel! I am so grateful to share in the great calling of preaching it. Let's look for miracles every day this week - they are all around us!


Elder Mockler

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