July 30, 2012

To Extremadura!!


Well, we had another great week. The biggest news would be that we had another successful road trip to Cáceres this week! The drive is really pretty and we pass tons of castles on the way which is really neat. We got there on Friday morning and worked all day with the Elder Gomes and Elder Blanch. Elder Gomes is from Brazil and has been on his mission about a month now. It is pretty crazy being with someone so 'young' in the mission! haha. On Saturday we had Specialized training with Cáceres and Badajoz (and president and the APs) and then came back here and got back just in time to go to bed!! It is always fun to do splits and to travel, but even better to get home and get back to work as usual.

On Monday we found an awesome new family that we contacted on Dia de Diamante. Two of them have baptismal dates already and we're really excited to be teaching them. One of them went to church a lot in Ecuador years ago and saw her Grandma's baptism and is really happy to be meeting with us. The only problem is that they work ALL the time so it is really hard to meet with them. Here in Spain either you work way too much and don't get paid hardly anything or you are unemployed and can't find work. It is rare to find someone with a normal job. I heard this week that unemployment has hit 25% this week here...the 'crisis', as they call it, is pretty bad. We know the gospel can help us with any problem, though, and that even though living gospel principles doesn't make money magically fall from the sky, it does help us with our everyday problems. I'm so glad I can be a missionary and help others. The Gospel is real and true! I know Jesus Christ is our Savior, that he loves us, and that our Heavenly Father is actively involved in our lives.

I hope you all have a great week!!

Elder Mockler

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