July 9, 2012



Well, once again I'm not writing from Alcázar. We're in Ciudad Real right now doing a District P-Day. Luckily, though, we will be back in a few hours this time instead of staying out of our area a few more days! Haha.

So you know, Hermana Deere started a new blog for the mission. The address is http://thespainmalagamission.blogspot.com/  
so go there from now on to see pictures instead of the old one.

Well, last week was definitely AWESOME! Staying in Málaga was a blast and we worked super hard with Elder Thomas and Elder Triana until we had zone conference and headed back home on Friday. Once we got back to our area we ran around trying to do an entire week's work in 2 and a half days...things were a bit crazy but there isn't anything more fun than working your tail off! We had a lot of plans made for Friday and Saturday, but in the end EVERY SINGLE ONE fell through! It was alright though...we kept working and the Lord put a lot of new people in our paths. We were able to find many new investigators this week and in the end we were able to move things around to meet with our current investigators as well. The Lord knows how he wants his work done! We just have to be there and willing to accept his will.

I learned a lot about boldness this week. God isn't someone who does things half way or who is afraid to tell us like it is. That is the kind of missionaries we have to be! No man can enter into the kingdom of God unless he has been baptized my immersion for the remission of sins by the proper authority...and I'm here to help people take that step! I am so thankful for the happiness God gives us when we live his Gospel. The things of the world and our natural desires like laziness may seem appealing in the moment but they are never worth it in the end.

This week on Friday we are having another Dia de Diamante! We will be spending the ENTIRE day contacting and finding new people to teach. I am SO excited!!! Please be praying for us that we can find those who are ready to accept the Everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ. They need all of us to help them find the truth!

I Love you SO much!!!

Elder Mockler

This is a photo taken from the mission blog at http://thespainmalagamission.blogspot.com

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