March 23, 2013

Transfer Week!


Well, it was a really crazy week in the office this week! I cannot believe it is already Saturday again...time has just flown by.

Since it is transfer week we were absolutely swamped from Monday until Wednesday receiving new missionaries and helping with departing missionaries, and it was all topped off by a good ol' 4 am trip to the airport as usual. Elder Peterson went home as well as a few other people that I knew from the very start of my mission. It was weird to see them go. Apart from that we have been buying a new apartment in Málaga and getting ready to get 8 or 9 more in the next few weeks to get ready for the May transfer. Good times, huh?

Our investigators are doing well. This week has been slower than last week but we're hoping everyone will make it to church tomorrow and that they'll be able to keep progressing. We had another great lesson with Alberto yesterday, it has been a while since we could meet with him but he is still doing really well. Hopefully it stops raining so he can get to church!!

Well, sorry for the short letter this week. I love you guys so much! Christ lives and is our Savior. I'm excited for this week to remember Him and His sacrifice for us leading up to the Sunday of His resurrection.

Love you!!

Elder Mockler

Here are a few pictures from the week:

This is Andy with Elder Bastian, a new missionary that arrived in Spain this week.  Elder Bastian's grandma lives around the corner from Andy's mom in Utah!

The next 2 pictures are from the latest installment of the contest between Andy and his mom about who lives in the most beautiful place.  Andy won again. 

 Puerto Banús

And this one is from the Spain Malaga Mission blog:  They are having a pushups contest.  Look at Elder Mockler's number!!!

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